The Summoning Charm (incantation: Accio) was a charm that caused an object at a distance from the caster to fly into his or her arms. It was one of the oldest spells known to wizarding society.

Casting and effectsEdit

The Summoning Charm could not be used on buildings. In addition, it does not work on most living things, and those few on which it does are generally not considered worth Summoning. The further the desired object was from the caster, the harder it would be to Summon. However, there was apparently some controversy over this claim, others state that it does not matter how far away the object is — so long as the caster had it clearly in mind, they should be able to Summon it with ease.

There were counterspells that could be placed on objects to keep them from being Summoned. Most wizarding goods sold as of the 20th century and early 21st century came pre-enchanted with anti-theft spells to keep them from being Summoned by anyone but their rightful owners.