The Stunning Spell (incantation: Stupefy), also known as a the Stupefying Charm is a charm that renders a victim unconscious and halts moving objects. It is commonly used in duels, and is a spell that most witches and wizards all know of and use. If multiple Stunning Spells are aimed at a dragon, they will work, however one alone is not strong enough. It manifests itself as a jet of scarlet light.

Defence against the Stunning SpellEdit

The effects of a Stunning Spell may be counteracted by Rennervate, but will also wear off with time. It can also be deflected by a Shield Charm. Species known to be naturally resistant to the spell include dragons, trolls, giants and half-giants. Rubeus Hagrid was unaffected by this spell when, in 1996, several Ministry of Magic employees attempted to remove him from Hogwarts grounds.